18 Year Old UK Student Dies From Taking Fat Burning Pills

Surrey, UK – An 18 year old student, the son of a millionaire from Hyderabad, India, has died in the UK after taking fat burning pills to lose weight.

sarmad alladin, uk student dies from weight loss pillsJust hours before his death, he was seen posting pictures of himself on Facebook and singing praises of the fat burning supplement known as DNP.

Sarmad Alladin, fondly known to his friends as “Mr. Muscles” was taken to Epsom General Hospital just hours after taking the pills.

He was attending a specialist art and design university in nearby Farnham University and was living on university accommodation in Epsom, Surrey.

The University was “devasted” by the news and have warned all their students to stop taking these drugs after hearing that these weight loss and bodybuilding drugs have been circulating among its students, calling them “potentially lethal”.

Sarmad’s family has flown in from Hyderabad and are waiting for post mortem results.

Our condolences and sympathies go out to his family and friends at this difficult time.

What is DNP?

DNP are weight loss pills marketed to bodybuilders as it claims to dramatically boost metabolism of its users.

weight loss pills, DNP, 2, 4-DinitrophenolIt is sold mainly online under different names and contains the drugs 2, 4-Dinitrophenol.

DNP is a manufactured drug and is yellow and does not have an odor.

It was launched in the US as early as 1930 was but was banned in 1938 owing to drastic side effects observed in its users.

In study published by the Journal of Medical Toxicity, more than 60 deaths can be linked to the usage of DNP.

We know that all of you who are struggling with weight loss may be desperate to find the fastest way to lose weight and burn fat.

But please be careful out there – there are no magic pills. If you want to lose weight, please do it the sensible way.

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