Top Reasons Why You Should Lose Weight – The Health Risks of Obesity


Other than zapping your self confidence and making you feel self conscious & unattractive, obesity is potentially a very serious and life threatening condition. In the United States alone, obesity related illnesses causes 300,000 premature deaths and billions of dollars in health care costs each year. CLICK HERE To Look […] Read more »

Lose Weight By Sleeping More!

woman sleeping

Having trouble losing weight and burning fat? You may be sleeping too little. One reason such a huge majority of people are overweight can be explained by their sedentary lifestyles. However, experts are warning that not getting enough sleep may be the reason why we are putting on fat as […] Read more »

Sugar Substitutes Or Artificial Sweeteners May Actually Make You Fat!


In your battle against weight gain, I’m sure you must have used artificial sweeteners in your coffee or substituted diet soda for regular soda. But did you know that artificial sweeteners may actually make you fat? Associate Professor Susan Swithers of Purdue University researched the effects of sugar substitutes and […] Read more »