Fat Burning Furnace Review

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If you really want to burn fat, you have to crank up your metabolism and literally turn your body into a fat burning machine, or “fat burning furnace”.

That’s the main theme and what Rob Poulos teaches in his new & unique weight loss system and book which he calls, erm, the Fat Burning Furnace… 😉

It may be worthwhile to listen to what Rob says as unlike many weight loss programs (or more likely weight loss scams) that are fronted by models that look like that were never fat in their lives, Rob was actually fat before and lost over 40lbs of fat on his weight loss system. He is now a celebrated fitness author, fat loss expert and CEO of Zero To Hero Fitness. After having spent $23,000 trying and failing on fad diets, he created this simple, yet revolutionary weight loss program.


At A Glance

Fat Burning Furnace is made up of 2 main components:
– The Diet; &
– The Workout

The Diet
Rob does a good job of explaining the importance of diet and nutrition in achieving your weight loss goals and discusses what foods you should and shouldn’t eat, why you should avoid fad diets and he also gives you a list of more than 50 foods that you can mix & match in your diet to keep your metabolism revving high (this comes in a handy chart so you can create your own delicious recipes).

The diet is not restrictive, does not involve any calorie counting or need you to sacrifice carbs (thank goodness, I love bread!).

What I really like though, was how the diet guide was simple, clear and to the point. It’s good that is wasn’t filled with a bunch of scientific terms & jargon that I probably wouldn’t have understood anyway.


The Workout
If the idea of long cardio workouts bore you, or you just don’t have the time, this workout program is tailor made for you. Rob doesn’t believe in long workouts and feels that exercise should be short and intense. His workouts involve weights which you can easily do with a pair of dumbbells and can usually be done in 20 – 25 minutes a day, 3 times a week.

He makes use of compound exercises (exercises that work out a few muscles at a time so that the body works harder in a more efficient manner) as compared to isolation exercises (single joint exercises working only a specified muscle). He aims for a full body workout with these compound exercises and stresses on performing them slowly, purposefully and at a specified tempo.

Reason for this? Short, intense workouts done at a controlled pace will turbo charge your metabolism so that even at rest, your metabolism is sky high and your body burning fat even hours after your workout.

Every exercise is described in detail in the guide with photos showing you how and what to do.

If you’re a complete newbie or haven’t exercised in years, don’t worry – there is a routine that will ease you in to the workouts followed by the beginner, intermediate and advanced workout plans.

How much does it cost?

The Deluxe package (FBF Deluxe) costs $39.97 and comes with the complete Fat Burning Furnace manual, 3 months of email coaching (that goes straight to Rob’s private email) and free, full updates for a year.

The Ultimate package (FBF Ultimate) costs $69.97 and comes with the complete Fat Burning Furnace manual, a full year of email coaching, the free, full updates for a year and the FBF Ultimate Success Toolkit.

The FBF Ultimate Success Toolkit consists of workout charts for all levels of experience, a progress tracker to keep tabs on your weight loss, a metabolic calculator and a body fat analyzer so that you know what you’re losing is pure fat and not water.

LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER: Currently, there is a special discount link where you can get the Ultimate package at the same price as the Deluxe package, if you were going to purchase the Fat Burning Furnace system, it’s a no brainer to go for the specially discounted Ultimate package and get everything at a price of $39.97.

Everything can be downloaded instantly and there is also a 60 day 100% money back guarantee (no questions asked!).

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I love this system! Workouts are short and there are no restrictions on what I can eat so I don’t really feel that I’m on a ‘diet’. I can still eat my favourite foods and my energy levels have doubled. Even then, I was able to consistently lose about 3 – 5 lbs a week on the Fat Burning Furnace system.

However, like all weight loss programs or diet plans, it will only work if you put in effort and commit yourself to the system. If you do, I’m sure you will have no problems losing 10, 20, 30 lbs or more on this simple and excellent fat burning system.

If you’re serious about turning your body into a fat burning machine, then you will have to seriously consider the Fat Burning Furnace system.


Who Is Rob Poulos?

robpoulosRob Poulos has spent the last 3+ years perfecting his Fat Burning Furnace weight loss system.

He has helped and reached over 70,000 thousand women and men, young and old, in over 137 countries burn more fat faster, keep it off, skyrocket their strength and physical energy, and have more confidence and happiness with their bodies as they go through life with his Fat Burning Furnace weight loss system and his Fast Fit Tips eNewsletter.

As a child, he was always struggling with his weight and have apparently tried “every diet, workout, pill, supplement, and gizmo” over the years, and came to realize that none of that actually worked.

He then began putting together his own system for fat loss, health and fitness and was always on the lookout to achieve this in the fastest and most efficient manner possible.

And when he found that his techniques worked, he put together his Fat Burning Furnace weight loss system. He eventually lost over 42 lbs and 10 inches off his waist in less than an hour a week and without fad dieting, expensive supplements or any infomercial junk on his Fat Burning Furnace weight loss system. (Back to top)


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