Fat Loss Factor – A Complete Review

Fat Loss Factor Review

If you’ve been searching online for a fast and effective weight loss plan, you’ll most probably have seen or heard of the Fat Loss Factor.

The Fat Loss Factor was created by Dr. Charles Livingston (or just simply Dr. Charles), a well known chiropractor, expert nutritionist and wellness specialist. His co-author is Lori Allen, a certified nutritionist, who happened to be the first ‘guinea pig’ for the program as she had battled weight problems after the birth of her 3 children.

The Fat Loss Factor in fact uses a holistic approach – it not only focuses on what you eat but also looks at other crucial factors in your lifestyle that may have caused you to gain weight.

Dr. Charles first started his own patients off with this program and it soon developed into a very effective weight loss method in helping them lose weight and burning off their excess fat.

As news of his method spread, he was unable to handle all the prospective clients that was being referred to him by his patients. He soon decided that creating a weight loss plan online, consisting of a series of eBooks and videos, was the best way to reach out to these clients owing to the superior reach of the Internet.


At A Glance

According to Dr. Charles, the Fat Loss Factor is different from other weight loss plans as it starts with clients breaking down both the ‘body and mind’ in the beginning stages and then building it back up in the later stages.

He has successful clients who bought his Fat Loss Factor system and they number more than 200,000 from more than 100 countries.

The Fat Loss Factor is a 12 week customized diet and exercise plan that consists of two phases:

  • A 2 week detox phase; &
  • A 10 week diet and exercise phase.

How does it work?

Phase 1

The 2 Week Detox Phase:-

This first phase consists of removing all bad toxins in your body that may be hindering your weight loss efforts.

This phase is a metabolism boosting phase that requires you to only consume natural foods – natural organic foods such as fruits, vegetables, coconut oil, nuts, raw seeds and beans are to be eaten during this phase.

By eating these all-natural foods in the first 2 weeks, your body will rid itself of all the harmful toxins that may have been accumulated over years of eating typical processed food. You will also be required to drink plenty of fresh water to aid your body in flushing out these toxins.

At the end of the 2 weeks, you should feel more energized and will also notice a decrease in your body fat. Owing to the detox, you will find that you may want to eat less of processed and unhealthy food as well.

Phase 2

The 10 Week Diet & Exercise Phase:-

The Diet

During this phase, you will still drink plenty of fresh water to continue flushing harmful toxins from your body.

As flushing toxins from your system is vital in this program, there are instructions in this phase to show you how to flush impurities from your digestive tract using herbal laxative tea as well as the saltwater flush preparation for example.

Your diet in this stage will also consist of smaller portions but more from regular food every day. You will be armed with knowledge on what foods you should not be eating and what food will help you burn more body fat.

A great thing is that are loads of recipes included in the Fat Loss Factor and even grocery shopping and cooking guides to make your shopping and food preparation easier.

Importantly, the Fat Loss Factor teaches you to still eat the foods you love and burn fat and lose weight, so it’ll feel that you’re not ‘dieting’.



In the beginning of this phase, you’ll start out by doing some light exercises about 3 times a week to introduce your body to physical activity. Thereafter, there will be step by step exercises to guide you along that takes into your account your fitness level – namely, beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Dr. Charles will also introduce ways of staying motivated to reach your weight loss goals. We feel that this is an often ignored aspect of a successful weight loss program. Staying motivated and completing the program is one of the most important factors of achieving a long lasting physical transformation.

Different weight loss tips (and tricks) will be taught that although simple, may not be commonly known. The program also includes videos that will coach you through the exercises but bear in mind that this comes at an extra cost from the base program.

What do you get?

  • A Starter Guide Blueprint
  • The Fat Loss Factor eBook
  • Master Cleanse (Detox Phase) video
  • Exercise log book
  • Workout and Exercise guide book
  • Goal setting and monitoring guide
  • Grocery list and Fat Burning Recipes

Fat Loss Factor Bundle


Anything else?

As with any weight loss programs, there are several pros and cons to the Fat Loss Factor:


  • It may be a little difficult at first (as with almost anything new) and if you’re looking for a quick fix, you may be disappointed. Whatever is taught in the Fat Loss Factor requires patience and consistence
  • Food may be a little pricey
  • A gym membership may be required to make full use of the exercise regime


  • Cost. You don’t have to pay for the whole plan if you just wanna test it out – instead, there is currently a $5 trial offer. As Dr. Charles usually charges between $500 – $800 per session with his clients for a one on one session, the full cost of his Fat Loss Factor program (the exact program he teaches his clients) for $47 seems very reasonable
  • It’s in digital format so the whole program can be downloaded instantly. Save a copy on your hard drive, make a copy to read on your iPad or just print it out to read at your leisure
  • Fat loss is experienced quickly with higher energy levels because of the body detox
  • Fantastic support. Tested their support with some basic questions and we heard back from Dr. Charles within 2 hours. This may be just coincidence (or we may have caught him at the right time) but it was pretty impressive. A vast majority of people who tried the Fat Loss Factor have also raved about their wonderful support
  • A 60 day money back guarantee with no questions asked


We feel that the Fat Loss Factor is a very detailed yet precise program. It’s straight forward and very down to earth reading.

As with all digital products, we really like that we can just download the whole program instantly without any waiting. Once you have made your purchase, just simply download all the material without waiting onto your Mac or PC. It consists of a detox, diet and workout plan that has helped thousands in more than a hundred countries achieve their weight loss goals.

If you’re looking for a diet and exercise plan to finally burn off those excess pounds, the Fat Loss Factor may just work for you.


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