CONTROVERSIAL – Is Having An Affair The Best Way To Shed The Pounds And Lose Weight?

sexy couple, The results of this shocking survey seem to think so.

In a new survey reported by The Daily Mail, more than 50% of men and 62% of women had reported significant weight loss after they started an affair.

This survey was conducted by a dating website for married people seeking affairs so maybe you should be a little wary of the results?

Experts try and explain why this may be so – Craig Jackson, a Psychology professor at Birmingham City University has said that engaging in an extramarital affair puts “enormous amount of pressure on an individual”, what with all the lies and sneaking around.

Adrenaline is produced, your heart may beat faster and levels of serotonin are raised. All these factors may cause you to lose weight.

Other than that, there may be changes in your behavior.

He says, “When you’re up to no good, you’re more likely to be rushing from A to B, with less time to eat your lunch or have that extra pint. These things can also effect weight loss.”

However, what may be more believable is that once you have a new lover, you will want to look good for that person.

Also, if you are looking for an extramarital affair, could it be that you may not have had sex for some time with your spouse?

Introducing sex again in your routine may be akin to starting an exercise program as a typical sex session may burn between 100-300 calories per half hour session.

Hey, we’re not here to judge…

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