Make Healthier Choices at Restaurants – 4 Tricks You Can Use Right Now

Make Healthier Choices at Restaurants - 4 Tricks You Can Use Right NowIt’s no secret that eating out is an important part of people’s lives.

You may have to entertain clients regularly at restaurants or maybe dining out with your significant other is important to you.

Whatever the reasons are, if you want to have a nice, lean body, eating restaurant meals may be tricky when you’re trying to lose weight as the menu is usually loaded with foods that encourage weight gain.

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Here are therefore 4 essential tips that you can use when dining out:

1) Avoid deep fried foods

Foods that are deep fried & battered, chips and fries should be avoided as much as possible. These foods will only cause you to consume an unhealthy dose of saturated and trans fat.

Instead, try substituting the side order of chips and french fries with something like vegetables or fresh salad. Most restaurants will never have a problem doing the switch for you.

2) Avoid starchy or refined carbohydrates

This may be a test of will power & discipline for some of you but this means you’ll have to avoid the basket of table bread that is right in front of you as well as the side of fries, pasta or rice that is usually piled on your plate with your main order as well.

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3) Avoid regular soda, fruit juice and…diet soda (yes, diet soda!)

I’m sure this doesn’t need much of explanation but regular sodas have very high sugar content and no nutritional value at all.

Diet soda may appear harmless as they are sugar and calorie free but did you know a study done by the University of Texas has shown that it may actually make you fat?

The artificial sugars in diet soda may confuse your body as you are consuming something sweet without the calories. This may actually trigger a hormonal response that actually causes you to crave more sweets and refined carbohydrates.

Also, haven’t you just eaten more (either by ordering an extra side dish or a bigger piece of dessert) when you think you have ‘saved’ some calories when you are drinking diet soda?

Fruit juice, when removed from the fruit, are also full of sugar and calories.

But aren’t fruit healthy? Well, yes they are. Whole, fresh fruit is excellent but when you strip off the actual fruit and its fibre (the beneficial part of the fruit), you’re only consuming a syrupy drink and extra calories.

Instead, substitute the above with iced water or a tall glass of iced unsweetened tea.

Just doing the above may save you between 500 – 1000 calories per meal! If you eat out regularly, imagine the number of calories you’ll save with just these simple substitutions.

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And lastly…

4) Perform a high intensity workout before your meal

If you know that you’ll succumb to temptation at the restaurant and eat a full portion of bread, fries, pasta or rice anyway, here’s something that you can do – try and get a high intensity full body workout using bodyweight exercises or free weights before your scheduled meal.

Note that a normal, moderate cardio workout will not suffice. Make sure that your perform resistance training at HIGH intensity.

After a high intensity resistance workout, your body can normally handle a ‘restaurant portion’ of carbs as your body uses these extra carbs to replenish the muscle glycogen depleted during your high intensity workout.

So the next time you dine out, try to remember the above tips and I’m sure you’ll be losing weight (while enjoying a meal at your favorite restaurant) in no time!

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