The Medifast Diet Plan Review

The Medifast Diet Review

At A Glance

Medifast is a fast & effective meal replacement weight loss program that has been recommended by over 15,000 physicians and used by more than 1,000,000 customers to lose weight.

Medifast focuses on being a leader in the $2 billion meal replacement industry. The company targets the growing problem of obesity by developing, manufacturing and distributing health & diet products under the Medifast brand.

Medifast is medically supervised and uses only the highest quality meal replacement. Their philosophy is very simply – meal replacement. The more you replace, the more weight you’ll lose.

Unlike many other weight loss programs, Medifast teaches and emphasizes behavior modifications and products that support customers through weight loss and maintenance. Simply put, the Medifast weight loss program will teach you how to lose weight and keep it off for life.

Here’s How It Works

Medifast is a low calorie, low fat but nutritionally balanced weight loss program that helps you to lose weight in fast & effective manner. It is possible to lose about 2 to 5 lbs a week on this diet plan.

Medifast’s meal replacement products come individually packed and you either mix these products to create a smoothie or microwave/refrigerate them to create a variety of meals.

A wide variety of flavors and foods are available and these include : shakes, bars, puddings, creamy soups, chili, oatmeal and hot cocoa.

The people at Medifast knows that all of you lead busy lifestyles and have busy schedules which is why they made this diet plan as simple as possible to prepare.

Medifast divides their weight loss program generally into 3 different categories:

  • Men’s 5 & 1 Weight Loss Program
  • Women 5 & 1 Weight Loss Program
  • Medifast Plus For Diabetics

As the name suggests, you’ll eat 5 pre-packaged Medifast meals per day and 1 “Lean & Green” meal per day.

As mentioned, the 5 pre-packaged meals will be made up of shakes, bars, soups & pudding just to name a few. To make it easier for you to stay on the diet, you can also eat a “Lean & Green” meal a day which consists of real food. For this meal, you eat either a controlled portion of chicken, beef, pork or mutton with a serving of salad and vegetables.

As this diet tries to rev up your metabolism, you’re required to eat every 2 to 3 hours. This is great as it means you’ll not feel hungry throughout the day. However, you’ll need to drink a minimum of 64 ozs. of water to stay hydrated.

After losing your desired weight, you then move on to the Weight Maintenance Plan to maintain that weight for life.

This weight maintenance phase involves a gradual move back to normal meals over a period of 16 days, although a longer period is recommended.

Medifast recommends maybe 1 to 3 pre-packaged meals a day instead of 5 while on the maintenance phase and also to throw in moderately intensive exercise program – essential to any weight loss program to keep the weight off.

Medifast is based on a deferred formula that was carefully designed to provide the right amount of calories you should be eating in a day. A gap is created between the amount of calories that you eat and the amount your body actually needs. This difference in caloric requirements causes you to lose weight.

Each pre-packaged meal consists of a proven combination of carbohydrates and protein that enables you to successfully lose weight.

And What Can I Eat?

As mentioned, when starting out, you’ll have to eat 5 Medifast meals and 1 “Lean & Green” meal.

After you’ve lost weight and reached your ideal weight, you make a gradual transition back to eating more “normal” foods over a 16 day period (although a longer period is recommended). This simply means that instead of having 5 pre-packaged meals, you have about 1 to 3 pre-packaged meals a day instead.

How About Exercise?

Although this may not be considered a very low calorie diet, it is still quite drastic and may put some of you in a state of ketosis. High intensity exercise is therefore not encouraged while starting out.

However, after you have moved over to the weight management plan phase, daily moderate exercise is encouraged to keep the weight off.

Final Thoughts

Medifast is one the most successful weight loss programs available, having been used with much success by over a million people.

One thing to note, the reduction of calories (although not considered a very low calorie diet, but may still be drastic for some) may cause a state of ketosis.

Even then, this weight loss program has been successfully used at the John Hopkins Weight Management Center and has been proven medically to work.

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